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#WhatWeDoAtNight The new Album OUT NOW
#WhatWeDoAtNight The new Album OUT NOW



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After eight years Blank & Jones surprise with a new
club-driven Electronica-Album.
Over night they released the title track „#WhatWeDoAtNight",
the album follows on Febuary 10th.
Piet and Jaspa describe the sound as „Adult Electronica"

After they recorded four groundbreaking club albums between 1999 and 2002
they realised that electronic music follows strict rules,
if you want to make people dance. To avoid turning into a routine,
they came up with albums like „Monument" or „The Logic Of Pleasure"
which focussed more on songwriting.
They also made excursions with their „RELAX" albums into the world of Chill Out,
Ambient and Nu Disco and even crossed into the Jazz world
Last year saw the release of their first Modern Classical Album where they composed electronic church
music for their sold out shows at the world famous Cologne Cathedral Dom.

Of course it would be obvious to talk about „Back To The Roots" now with this new album,
but it's exactly the opposite.
Blank & Jones rarely look back, preferred forward.
In the past two years they developed the sound and felt especially at night inspired in the studio.
The focus wasn't on the dancefloor,
though the tracks are extremely danceable,
it was more about the feeling of the night.

If you join the journey, the songs, which rarely run under seven minutes,
unfold their whole beauty and force. It's almost like an audio drama without words.
The tracks have this signature mix of euphoria and melancholy like
only Blank & Jones can create.
That's exactly the secret of Trance Music and that's exactly
what Blank & Jones celebrate to perfection on „#WhatWeDoAtNight".