SilentMOD - Blank & Jones Live at the Kölner Dom
SilentMOD - Blank & Jones Live at the Kölner Dom

During the world's largest gaming event GAMESCOM,
which draws more than 350.000 visitor to Cologne, Blank & Jones
will play as the first electronic artists ever in the world's famous Cologne Cathedral.
The Event will take place on three nights in a row on August 18/19/20
and is part of a multi media installation around the cathedral

Blank & Jones will release their first Modern Classical recording „DOM"
as the soundtrack for the unique three night live performance at the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom).

The project took over two years in planing and composing
and will feature a complete set of new songs written and produced especially for this event.
The Cologne Cathedral is the largest Gothic church
in Northern Europe and will be exclusively illuminated from the outside for the shows.
Inside the University of Bochum developed varrious installations.
Blank & Jones collaborated with Ars Choralis Coeln for some Hildegard von Bingen pieces
but also composed new music which crosses the borders of Modern Classical
and Electronica inspired by this wonderful building
and its stained glass window by Gerhard Richter.
This extraordinary album will be released worldwide August 19. on the soundcolours label.

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