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Miracle Man

Digital Only

Here's to all Hed Kandi and Beach House lovers
a summer anthem for 2010
with the most beautiful and touching lyrics in a while.
Featuring the balearic legend Cathy Battistessa on vocals.
Nobody represents "The Spirit of Ibiza" better than Cathy,
who wrote and performed songs like
„More Than Ever People", „Speck of Gold" or „Breather".
Often named "The Voice of Café del Mar",
she is far more than that.
After touring with Fatboy Slim last year
she also supported the Free Tibet campaign
and sang for the Dalai Lama on his birthday party.
Now with Blank & Jones she performs one of the
most beautiful songs in her career so far.
With an outstanding remix from living legend Afterlife the package is complete
and already on summer rotation of many balearic radio stations.
This song truly deserves the words "Good Vibes" and "Spirit of Ibiza"
and arrives at the same time with an irresistable pop appeal.


01 Miracle Man (Radio Version) 3:30
02 Miracle Man (Afterlife Remix) 4:40
03 Miracle Man (Lovebirds Club Mix) 5:49
04 Miracle Man (Original Version) 5:37
05 Miracle Man (Lovebirds Instrumental Mix) 5:49